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  • Lapping Up My Cumcicle

    Lapping Up My Cumcicle

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    Lapping Up My CumcicleKat Dior , Xander Corvus,Lapping Up My CumcicleAt the end of another long day at the ice cream parlor, in walks Kat Dior in a sexy white dress. Xander takes one look at the blonde babe and finds himself fascinated by her big boobs th

  • Doing Life and Doing Your Wife

    Doing Life and Doing Your Wife

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    Doing Life and Doing Your WifeMisty Stone , Xander Corvus,Doing Life and Doing Your WifeMisty Stone’s cheating husband just got a life sentence behind bars, but she really wants to punish him for his trifling ways. So this busty ebony MILF decides t

  • Avoiding Dicktection

    Avoiding Dicktection

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    Avoiding DicktectionLena Paul , Xander Corvus,Avoiding DicktectionLena Paul’s husband is clueless about his wife’s needs, so this busty housewife takes flirting with their new gardener to a new level. Lonely wives throw themselves at Xander Co

  • Summertime And The Livin' Is Sleazy

    Summertime And The Livin' Is Sleazy

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    Summertime And The Livin' Is SleazyNicole Aniston , Xander CorvusBusty blonde office clerk Nicole Aniston will do anything to wait out this heatwave in her boss’ air-conditioned office, even if it means whipping out her big fake tits right in front

  • Low Ride Her

    Low Ride Her

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    Low Ride HerLuna Star , Xander Corvus,Low Ride HerLuna Star is washing her car with her greatest assets – an oiled up juicy booty and a set of huge tits! But with the car looking clean, Xander Corvus decides he’s got to clean this dirty slut w

  • Pornstar PR: Crisis Management

    Pornstar PR: Crisis Management

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    Pornstar PR: Crisis ManagementAmia Miley , Xander CorvusPornstar hottie Amia Miley’s new PR guy Xander Corvus drafts up a solid statement, and based on the bulge in his pants, he’s also a fan. When she catches Xander watching one of her videos

  • Popular Rich Bitch

    Rich Bitch

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    Jessa Rhodes, Xander Corvus,RK PrimeNo matter what Xander does, it's never good enough for his spoiled MILF client Jessa. She complains about his attitude, about the limo being even a few minutes late, and about the air conditioning not working. This time

  • The Fuckerfly Effect

    The Fuckerfly Effect

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    The Fuckerfly EffectAlena Croft , Chloe Cherry , Xander Corvus,The Fuckerfly EffectReminiscing about an old boyfriend she never should have broken up with while masturbating sends MILF Alena Croft back in time to fix her sex life! Meeting up with a younge

  • Popular The Swap

    The Swap

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    Karma RX, Nina Elle, Xander Corvus,Sneaky SexXander's hot blonde girlfriend Karma told him about her new stepmom Nina...but she didn't mention that they look a lot alike. He thinks he's surprising his sexy girlfriend when he comes up behind her at the kit

  • Highway Home

    Highway Home

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    After a harrowing altercation between her stepfather and stepbrother, Lily leaves home on a search to find her true self. Five years later and missing her mother, Lily decides to travel home. Along the way, she meets a couple of troublemaking travelers wh

  • Popular I'm Not a Regular Mom, I'm a Cool Mom

    I'm Not a Regular Mom, I'm a Cool Mom

    by Admin Added 1,520 Views / 1 Likes

    I'm Not a Regular Mom, I'm a Cool MomRyan Keely , Xander Corvus,I'm Not a Regular Mom, I'm a Cool MomPixie-haired MILF Ryan Keely may be a little out there with her holistic yoga sessions, but at the end of the day she’s just wants to make sure her

  • Let Them Eat Ass

    Let Them Eat Ass

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    Lady Luna Star is not the in the mood for mere cupcakes, she desires a different kind of treat. Calling Xander Corvus over for a foot rub gets things heated but there’s only one thing Luna truly craves – to get fucked in the ass! First this bu

  • Wedding Planning Pt. 1

    Wedding Planning Pt. 1

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    Tiffany Brookes’ best friend just asked her to be her maid of honor and she couldn’t be happier! The only thing is, this tanned brunette has some steamy history with her friend’s fiance – she sucks his dick on the regular! When Xan

  • The Pantsing

    The Pantsing

    by Admin Added 620 Views / 0 Likes

    SYNOPSIS On a dark and spooky night, three unsuspecting dudes find themselves the unfortunate victims of a mysterious serial pantser. After having their genitalia embarassingly exposed by the glare of the moonlight, one of the men chases down the masked f

  • Popular Rub A Tug Tug

    Rub A Tug Tug

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    Kendra’s son and his friend Xander take her car for a joyride. They think they’ve gotten away with it, but she’s waiting for them when they get home. As punishment, Kendra makes her son vacuum the house and has Xander clean the bathroom.

  • Tell Me When It's Over!

    Tell Me When It's Over!

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    Natasha Starr’s mom is trying to “chaperone” the movie streaming and chill date she’s set up with her boyfriend, Xander Corvus. Luckily- Natasha knows her mom absolutely HATES scary movies, so she puts on the goriest, most suspense

  • Buttsex Next To Bubby

    Buttsex Next To Bubby

    by Admin Added 779 Views / 0 Likes

    Lena doesn’t want to disappoint her grandmother, so she lies and tells her she has a boyfriend. With Bubby’s visit a short time away, Lena scrambles to rent a boyfriend so that she can keep up the charade. The rental boyfriend Xander is real h

  • The Jerk with a Johnson: A DP XXX Parody

    The Jerk with a Johnson: A DP XXX Parody

    by Admin Added 861 Views / 0 Likes

    SYNOPSIS What happens when the Jerk with a Johnson accidentally stumbles upon a porn set mid mission? He gets cast as a pornstar, that's what! He might be a professional mercenary, but he's an amateur cocksmith, so it's a good thing beautiful big-titted b

  • Popular 1 800 Phone Sex: Line 12

    1 800 Phone Sex: Line 12

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    When the 1 800 Phone Sex girls find shift supervisor Xander dozing off on the job, Lela decides to teach him a little lesson with the help of her two top employees, Luna and Clea. When her new coworkers start fooling around, Clea is instantly overwhelmed&

  • Popular Delivery Girl Part 3

    Delivery Girl Part 3

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    SYNOPSIS He wants nothing more than to just Netflix and chill with a hot chick, preferably with big boobs, but the thing is: he’s totally single. He orders food online, and when a sexy delivery girl with a round ass arrives, she wants more than a fe

  • Popular Just To Be Clear

    Just To Be Clear

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    When Angela got married, her husband had her convinced that he wasn’t the jealous type – he had no problem with his wife fucking other guys for work! However, like most men, he couldn’t deal for long and filed for divorce. Being a succes

  • Fuck the Bourgeois

    Fuck the Bourgeois

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    Charlotte Sartre is just trying to take a break from her transient lifestyle and maybe get some quarters- sitting on the street, she’s unimpressed when uptight businessman Xander Corvus walks past her. Not liking his salty attitude, she spits on his

  • Busting The Barista

    Busting The Barista

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    After deciding to retire from porn, Karma RX moonlights as a barista in a café: she loves the relaxing, low key work where she can connect with “civilians”. She’s recognized by Xander Corvus, who tries to convince her to get back

  • Sacrifice My Ass

    Sacrifice My Ass

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    Joanna worships at the temple of dick. The badass babe is willing to do all kinds of things to get her fill, including trickling hot wax all over her body before getting tied up by Xander, a hooded figure who knows exactly what she’s been praying fo