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  • Popular Mashup Pretty in Pink Vol. 2

    Mashup Pretty in Pink Vol. 2

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    The color pink is a favorite amongst Playboy Plus models and this Mashup Sunday, we’re bringing you the prettiest girls wearing nothing more than pink lingerie and a smile. First up, red-haired Lauren Bethencourt tans her petite figure poolside, as

  • Popular Don't Bring Your Sister Around Me

    Don't Bring Your Sister Around Me

    by Admin Added 2,737 Views / 2 Likes

    Keiran has always hated his wife's sister, and Nicolette hates him right back. But she knows revenge is a dish best served hot: she's had a life-changing makeover and is ready to make her brother-in-law beg for her pussy. During her stay she teases him be

  • Popular Angela and Nicolette Get Wet

    Angela and Nicolette Get Wet

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    Introducing Nicolette Shea to DP! Watch her get soaked with busty brunette Angela White and of course, the man himself - Keiran Lee!

  • Mashup: Sexy Showers Vol. 3

    Mashup: Sexy Showers Vol. 3

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    Here at Playboy Plus, we believe if you’re going to have fun in the shower you might as well get a little dirty first and to help us demonstrate our philosophy, we’ve enlisted the very best. First up, Cybergirl Nicolette Shea is a voluptuous b

  • Popular Business With Pleasure

    Business With Pleasure

    by Admin Added 1,473 Views / 2 Likes

    Nicolette has just helped Keiran buy a house. Ever since they met there’s been sexual tension, despite his wedding ring. Once their business is out of the way this sexy real estate agent is ready to finally fuck her favourite client... and with his

  • Popular BabeZZ Watch: A XXX Parody

    BabeZZ Watch: A XXX Parody

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    At a popular resort, every day is an adventure, especially when life’s a beach! Two hot, busty babes are on duty and take their jobs very seriously. Nicolette and Bridgette don’t let anything distract them from patrolling the beach--except whe

  • Popular Not My Brother's Keeper

    Not My Brother's Keeper

    by Admin Added 2,214 Views / 1 Likes

    Nicolette's husband is everything she’s ever dreamed of—he’s sweet and affectionate, helpful around the house, and spoils her with gifts constantly. The only problem is that he has no wild side. He doesn’t seem turned on when she w

  • Popular Showing Her Who's Boss

    Showing Her Who's Boss

    by Admin Added 1,412 Views / 1 Likes

    Nicolette's a high-powered executive who’s recently hired a new secretary, Piper. However, Piper needs to pick up the slack; she’s horrible at filing and is turning Nicolette’s business affairs into a hot mess. To teach her a lesson, Nic

  • Popular He Makes Wifey Watch

    He Makes Wifey Watch

    by Admin Added 2,394 Views / 2 Likes

    Nicolette has grown bored with her marriage, leading her to cheat on her husband of 10 years. When Mick catches her sending naughty messages to some guy he dumps her immediately. Nicolette is heartbroken and desperate to win him back, but just how far wil

  • Popular Ms. Shea's Summer School

    Ms. Shea's Summer School

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    Tyler thought he could get away without handing in his last Anatomy assignment before the semester ends. He was wrong. On the last day of school, the no-nonsense Ms. Shea subtly cuffs him to the desk before dismissing the class. She begins teasing him as

  • Popular Dirty Dicking

    Dirty Dicking

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    Former playmate Nicolette Shea is cleaning up the living room after her stepson left it a mess. Nicolette cleans up after her stepson, Markus Dupree, way too often and this busty blonde bombshell is getting tired of his messy behavior. Once all clean, Nic

  • Popular The New Girl Episode 1

    The New Girl Episode 1

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  • Popular Stepmoms Boobs 3

    Stepmoms Boobs 3

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    Nicolette will be the perfect wife and the perfect stepmom! If you want your stepmom to suck your dick, that is...

  • Popular Mind Blowing

    Mind Blowing

    by Admin Added 1,823 Views / 2 Likes

    When Xander agreed to participate in a paid memory test with his wife, he had no idea he’d wind up being locked away in an observation room with Nicolette, a smoking hot assistant whose only job is to discipline Xander when he gets an answer wrong.

  • Popular The New Girl Episode 3

    The New Girl Episode 3

    by Admin Added 1,409 Views / 1 Likes

  • Popular Double Occupancy

    Double Occupancy

    by Admin Added 1,305 Views / 1 Likes

    Xander can't believe how cheap his Dad is. He was promised a room to himself to spend spring break with his girlfriend Lana. Now he's roped in to sharing a room with his Dad and his new stepmom. Lana figures they can still fool around, if they can dodge N

  • Popular Fly Girls: Final Payload

    Fly Girls: Final Payload

    by Admin Added 2,170 Views / 1 Likes

    Jasmine Jae is a pretty girl who plays ugly games - starting with clueless airline CEO Marcus London. After bankrupting his airline, Jasmine plans to flee the country. Until she runs into bankrupted investor and old flame Nacho Vidal, who demands a return

  • Popular Off The Rack

    Off The Rack

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    What starts out as a boring, old shopping trip with his wife, quickly turns into something much more magical when Ramon dozes off in a department store. Left behind by his angry wife, and locked in the store overnight, Ramon's awoken by a sexy mannequin (

  • Popular Massage Mirage

    Massage Mirage

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    Johnny shows up to a massage appointment at a new spa place where he meets masseuse Nicolette. Before the massage, she explains that they use heat from various sources to create an optimal environment for his muscles. It all sounds great, at first, except

  • Popular Private Dick

    Private Dick

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    Nicolette is a private detective whose job it is to collect evidence on philandering spouses. Her latest client is a real hassle because she can’t seem to find any evidence of her husband Johnny cheating on her. One night she follows him to a house

  • Popular Bath Bombshell

    Bath Bombshell

    by Admin Added 1,496 Views / 1 Likes

    After Nicolette, a famous porn star, does a little research on the reporter stopping by her place for a profile piece interview, she decides that she likes what she sees – so why not have a little fun with him while he’s on the job? While Xand

  • Popular Tasting The Trophy Wife

    Tasting The Trophy Wife

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    Casey's got a sweet summer gig taking care of the neighbors' pool. It might sound dull, but this pool is where hot housewife Nicolette Shea spends all day tanning her incredible body. Casey has been staring at Nicolette all summer and can't believe it whe

  • Popular Can You Fix My Wi-Fi?

    Can You Fix My Wi-Fi?

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    Nicolette's finally gets some time alone, and her internet has to go down at the worst possible time. She spies Johnny doing some lawn work and enlists him to take a look. Once he gets to work, Nicolette forgets all about the porn she was looking at and c

  • Popular What's This Hole For?

    What's This Hole For?

    by Admin Added 1,110 Views / 0 Likes

    Kyle is a little bit unsure of this new massage place he saw online. He quickly changes his mind when he sees that Nicolette will be rubbing him down today. There's just one hole in the massage table he's never seen before, so naturally he decides to put