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  • SexArt-Unread Messages

    SexArt-Unread Messages

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    Blonde bombshell Cherry Kiss is sitting at her desk contemplating the “Unread Messages” in her inbox, but the sight of Maxmilian Dior sunning himself butt naked by the pool grabs her attention before she’s even opened her email. She aban

  • SexArt-Corner


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    Voluptuous brunette Melody invites Maxmilian Dior into the “Corner” of her shower and pumps his stiffening cock as he strokes her pussy, the hot water cascading over their bodies. Maxmilian shuts the water off and squats at the feet of his pre

  • SexArt-Corner


    by Admin Added 421 Views / 0 Likes

    Voluptuous brunette Melody invites Maxmilian Dior into the “Corner” of her shower and pumps his stiffening cock as he strokes her pussy, the hot water cascading over their bodies. Maxmilian shuts the water off and squats at the feet of his pre

  • One Day In HotYlek Part 4

    One Day In HotYlek Part 4

    by Admin Added 512 Views / 0 Likes

    As episode four of Andrej Lupin’s entertaining and highly arousing series “One Day In HotYlek” begins, cute brunette Anie Darling arrives to surprise her cheating husband, Maxmilian Dior. She’s a chatterbox, talking until everyone

  • SexArt-One Day In HotYlek Part 2

    SexArt-One Day In HotYlek Part 2

    by Admin Added 299 Views / 0 Likes

    Episode two of Andrej Lupin’s complex and highly arousing series “One Day In HotYlek” begins with the hotel’s scheming receptionist fixing up cheating husband Maxmilian Dior with a call girl. When sexy raven-haired Anastazia shows

  • SexArt-Dance For You

    SexArt-Dance For You

    by Admin Added 614 Views / 0 Likes

    Sexy cutie Tina Kay dances around her living room with her headphones on, as “Dance For You” begins. The slender hottie looks adorable in nothing but a T-shirt that barely covers her ass, eyes closed, oblivious to the world until Maxmilian Dio

  • SexArt-Once Again

    SexArt-Once Again

    by Admin Added 945 Views / 0 Likes

    Naked and breathless, Antonia Sainz takes Maxmilian Dior’s relentlessly thrusting cock as Andrej Lupin’s lustful “Once Again” begins. After Maxmilian has shot his load all over Antonia’s tummy and her big, heaving breasts, th

  • SexArt-Typical Woman

    SexArt-Typical Woman

    by Admin Added 341 Views / 0 Likes

    Maxmilian Dior looks on in amusement as sexy redhead Belle Claire acts like a “Typical Woman,” unable to decide what to wear. He appreciates the show as she tries on outfit after outfit, but ultimately he prefers it when she’s in nothing

  • SexArt-Insatiable


    by Admin Added 585 Views / 0 Likes

    Naomi Bennet is “Insatiable.” Lying on her bed, the gorgeous brunette strokes her smooth shaven pussy, slippery fingers dipping in and out slowly and sensuously. But fingers aren’t enough, so Naomi spit-lubes a clear dildo and drives it

  • SexArt-Welcome Home

    SexArt-Welcome Home

    by Admin Added 506 Views / 0 Likes

    When studly Maxmilian Dior collects his sexy redheaded lover Linda Sweet from Lanzarote airport, they can’t keep their hands or lips off each other. As soon as they get indoors, Maxmilian gives Linda the hot “Welcome Home” she desires. T

  • SexArt-Game For Two

    SexArt-Game For Two

    by Admin Added 536 Views / 0 Likes

    In “Game for Two,” studly Maxmilian Dior and gorgeous Ally Breelsen make a great match. In the bedroom at least; Ally’s soccer skills are not her greatest asset. But as the two play ball, her finer points become obvious. The cute Russian

  • SexArt-Illusion


    by Admin Added 751 Views / 0 Likes

    “Illusion” starts with gorgeous Anna Rose and Cristal Caitlin sitting opposite Maxmilian Dior discussing what they’d like to do to him sexually. As their fantasy takes flight, their body hugging outfits disappear, and beautiful brunette

  • SexArt-Level Up

    SexArt-Level Up

    by Admin Added 595 Views / 0 Likes

    aisy Lee goes down as Maxmilian’s cock goes up in Andrej Lupin’s “Level Up.” We launch straight into the action when blonde beauty Daisy surprises Max in the elevator. The doors open and there she is, dressed in sexy black underwea

  • SexArt-Friends Part 2

    SexArt-Friends Part 2

    by Admin Added 753 Views / 1 Likes

    The concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s two-parter “Friends” takes us to the other side of the courtyard as we retrace our steps through the streets of old Mallorca with Ricky, Anastazia, Stella Cox and Maxmilian Dior; only this time we

  • Popular SexArt-Take Care 2

    SexArt-Take Care 2

    by Admin Added 2,799 Views / 0 Likes

    Andrej Lupin’s “Take Care 2” reflects the sweet theme of the original, sharing a tender and intimate moment between lovers. Sexy starlet Chrissy Fox leans back in the bathtub to let Maxmilian Dior wash her hair, his fingers massaging her

  • Popular SexArt-Perfect Day

    SexArt-Perfect Day

    by Admin Added 2,731 Views / 1 Likes

    Taylor Sands and Maxmilian Dior are roller-skating along the Lanzarote seafront as “Perfect Day” begins, holding hands and flirting like any cute couple in love. Back at their vacation apartment, they drink wine and chat, the flirtatious eye c

  • Popular SexArt-Bicycle Race

    SexArt-Bicycle Race

    by Admin Added 2,187 Views / 1 Likes

    Matt Ice and Maxmilian Dior race along the Lanzarote seafront, showing off their prowess, as “Bicycle Race” begins. Their good-natured competition kicks up a notch when they start flirting with pretty Taylor Sands, vying for her attention. Whe

  • Popular SexArt-Elysium


    by Admin Added 4,131 Views / 0 Likes

    “Elysium” is defined as “a state of perfect happiness,” and that’s an apt description for Andrej Lupin’s moving tribute to domestic bliss. It begins with an everyday scenario, Maxmilian Dior working at the kitchen table

  • Popular SexArt-For Your Smile

    SexArt-For Your Smile

    by Admin Added 3,049 Views / 2 Likes

    Olivia Grace and Maxmilian Dior cycle along the Lanzarote seafront on a tandem bike, enjoying each other’s company, as “For Your Smile” begins. The playful mood grows tender and loving when they reach their apartment; Maxmilian kneels to

  • Popular SexArt-Bittersweet Tale Part 2

    SexArt-Bittersweet Tale Part 2

    by Admin Added 5,194 Views / 1 Likes

    As episode two of Andrej Lupin’s compelling series “Bittersweet Tale” begins, maid Cristal Caitlin is cleaning the terrace while Maxmilian Dior works on the pool. Cristal scurries away when her cruel mistress Anna Rose appears and settle

  • Popular SexArt-Crazy Ride

    SexArt-Crazy Ride

    by Admin Added 5,675 Views / 1 Likes

    Shot on location in Lanzarote, Andrej Lupin’s “Crazy Ride” starts with a dune buggy race across the volcanic landscape. The participants are dust-streaked and high on adrenaline as they return home at dusk. Left alone for a moment, Taylo

  • Popular SexArt-Long Way

    SexArt-Long Way

    by Admin Added 6,314 Views / 7 Likes

    Rossela Visconti and Maxmilian Dior stroll through the leafy suburbs of Amsterdam, considerate Maxmilian suggesting they take a break for a foot rub when Rossela’s high heels begin to cause her discomfort. He fetches a bicycle and she rides pillion

  • Popular Sex Art-Attract Part 2

    Sex Art-Attract Part 2

    by Admin Added 4,582 Views / 4 Likes

    The first episode of this two-parter from director Andrej Lupin featured Vanessa Decker and Sean as they left their sauna companions for an energetic sex session. Now “Attract 2” picks up the alternative thread of the story, following the seco

  • Popular Sex Art-Gold Card

    Sex Art-Gold Card

    by Admin Added 5,282 Views / 2 Likes

    Anna Rose — in her first performance in a Sexart erotic feature — is on a mission. Armed with the “Gold Card” that gives Andrej Lupin’s film its name, she moves purposefully from one high-end designer boutique to the next, ac