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Search Results: "Johnny Castle"

  • Sofi Ryan My Friend's Hot Girl

    Sofi Ryan My Friend's Hot Girl

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    Synopsis: What is Sofi Ryan's boyfriend's buddy Johnny doing swimming in their pool? She has to find out! And she does. Turns out Johnny just went through a divorce and he needs a place to stay for a few days so he can gather himself. That's OK with Sofi,

  • Sexy Ass Shay

    Sexy Ass Shay

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    Johnny Castle is hanging on the beach with his buddy when they spot Shay Evans sun bathing in a sexy yellow bikini. Johnny tells his buddy that, based on his experience, if a girl is wearing a yellow bikini, it usually means she’s down to fuck! With

  • Riley Reyes My Friend's Hot Girl

    Riley Reyes My Friend's Hot Girl

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    Synopsis: Awk-ward! Riley Reyes is Johnny’s ex-girlfriend who’s now dating his best friend, and that’s not the worst of it. Now she and her man have to borrow money from Johnny! Riley’s clearly not happy about the situation when sh

  • Sarah Vandella My Wife's Hot Friend

    Sarah Vandella My Wife's Hot Friend

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    Synopsis: Honesty is the best policy for Sarah Vandella. Her boss Johnny is the husband to her best friend, so she feels comfortable when she confides in him that her husband suspects that she and Johnny are fucking. While there isn’t any truth to t

  • Sheridan Love Dirty Wives Club

    Sheridan Love Dirty Wives Club

    by Admin Added 716 Views / 0 Likes

    Synopsis: Sheridan Love has had the biggest crush on her boss Johnny forever, but she's never approached him because she thought it might be inappropriate considering their working situation. Plus, she's married, but Johnny doesn't know that her husband a

  • Redheaded Firecracker

    Redheaded Firecracker

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    “Who doesn’t want a cute, tiny girl?” Eighteen year-old blue-eyed ginger Briar Rose is ultra-petite, at four-foot-nine-and-a-half with tiny tits. Briar told us all about her experience with girl-on-girl and threesomes, how she loves gett

  • Gypsy Pussy

    Gypsy Pussy

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    What a weird day: I was strolling in the park when I ran into this girl Violet Voss, who was offering free fortune telling. There was no way I was falling for hocus-pocus so I gave the gypsy-eyed girl a hard time but she was cute in her white dress so I h

  • Popular Coffee With Cum

    Coffee With Cum

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    Busty Latina Alessandra Miller is dolled up in lingerie for a lazy morning fuck with her man, Johnny Castle, but first she wants to eat breakfast and read a little. Johnny is too worked up at the sight of Alessandra’s delicious curves to wait. Big-t

  • Popular Lana Rhoades My Friend's Hot Girl

    Lana Rhoades My Friend's Hot Girl

    by Admin Added 1,277 Views / 1 Likes

    Sexual frustration is the worst, especially when you’re in a relationship! Lana Rhoades went to bed horny, but her weak-ass, beta-ass boyfriend passed out without a care. Lana wakes up in the morning still wet as fuck with her kitty purring away, so

  • Popular Karlee Grey My Friend's Hot Girl

    Karlee Grey My Friend's Hot Girl

    by Admin Added 1,033 Views / 0 Likes

    Synopsis: Karlee Grey, what a scandalous babe! For a while, she was banging her boyfriend’s best friend Johnny — a tryst that lasted for some time. But now that she ended up marrying her boyfriend, she’s ready for things to be different:

  • Luna Star Dirty Wives Club

    Luna Star Dirty Wives Club

    by Admin Added 860 Views / 1 Likes

    Luna Star is hot and horny! Her husband had to bolt this morning, so she didn’t even get to blow him out the door. And that’s left her wanting! So — beep boop bop! — she dials the old hubs up and tells him she wants to fuck Johnny,

  • Jillian Janson I Have a Wife

    Jillian Janson I Have a Wife

    by Admin Added 538 Views / 0 Likes

    Jillian Janson's finally going on a date…with a guy younger than her! She's so used to dating older men, so she's not sure if the outfit she's going to wear will be so provocative that it scares the little guy away. But wait, her mom's new husband

  • Popular A Run For His Money

    A Run For His Money

    by Admin Added 1,178 Views / 1 Likes

    Felicity's the secretary of CEO Castle, who runs a pantyhose company. The trouble is, all their pantyhose keep running! Felicity finally thinks of a miracle solution to stop the runs, but old-fashioned Johnny won't listen to her ideas. She decides to use

  • Stop Rollerblading

    Stop Rollerblading

    by Admin Added 423 Views / 1 Likes

    Anika Andrews and Johnny Castle are new step-siblings and they just moved into the same house. She loves her roller skates and she will not stop rollerblading around the house - which is great for us as we get an eyeful of her perfect round ass! There are

  • Brown Eyed Bambi

    Brown Eyed Bambi

    by Admin Added 418 Views / 1 Likes

    First-time twenty-one year-old amateur Bambi Brooks is auditioning for the world of adult video. This pierced, tattooed, natural tit cutie from Georgia loves sex in public – getting frisky in pools, saunas, dressing rooms… she even confesses

  • Popular PhDick


    by Admin Added 1,174 Views / 1 Likes

    Ashly's spent a long time studying to get her doctorate in dick-servicing, and all that's standing between her and her diploma is one last comprehensive exam. Ashly must prove to Professor Castle that she's learned enough about pleasuring a cock to be wor

  • Truth Or Dare To Be Slutty

    Truth Or Dare To Be Slutty

    by Admin Added 952 Views / 0 Likes

    Evelin and Sierra are hanging out in Evelin’s living room, gossiping and giggling. When Evelin’s new stepdad Johnny walks in, Sierra can’t help but check him out. After he leaves, she comments on how hot he is and suggests a game of trut

  • Aidra Fox Dirty Wives Club

    Aidra Fox Dirty Wives Club

    by Admin Added 883 Views / 0 Likes

    The mechanic Aidra Fox’s husband hired to come over and work on her car is exactly what the hotwifing brunette needs! She’s so turned on him by him that she calls her husband right away and thanks him for allowing her to fuck the guy. And the

  • Cherie DeVille Dirty Wives Club

    Cherie DeVille Dirty Wives Club

    by Admin Added 724 Views / 0 Likes

    Cherie DeVille is horny at the hotel, and she always keeps her options open. That’s why she’s prepared when her husband tells her he won’t be arriving until the next morning. Not only did she already get another man’s phone number

  • Office Slut

    Office Slut

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    Sometimes a girl's pussy just can't resist a big, bossy dick...when you're the new girl, sometimes it's best to get on your knees and follow orders...

  • Ariana Marie Naughty Rich Girls

    Ariana Marie Naughty Rich Girls

    by Admin Added 503 Views / 0 Likes

    How Johnny’s going to get Ariana Marie to go to a job interview when she hasn’t worked a day in her life is beyond us. But he was employed by her wealthy father to get her ass in gear and get a job. The fact that she’s poolside lubing up

  • Ashley Adams My Wife's Hot Friend

    Ashley Adams My Wife's Hot Friend

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    Out of gas — again! Ashley Adams doesn’t have enough fuel to start her car, so she’s stranded at her home. But it’s a good thing her best friend’s husband Johnny is on his way into town for his lunch break! He rolls by with a

  • Popular Nina Elle, Dirty Wives Club

    Nina Elle, Dirty Wives Club

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    Synopsis: Nina arrives at her photo shoot all busty and leggy, ready to grrrr, baby, grrrr for a new lingerie line and gets turned on when the photographer starts hitting on her. He knows she’s married, but he still can’t help but tell her how

  • Shicoksu Massage

    Shicoksu Massage

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    After a stint at an extra hands-on massage retreat, dirty masseuse Johnny has a few new tantalizing tricks up his sleeve. Though he’s a little hesitant to try them out for the very first time on his favorite customer, Kimber, she absolutely insists