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Search Results: "Body Massage"

  • Popular AllgirlMassage-A Pain In The Ass

    AllgirlMassage-A Pain In The Ass

    by Admin Added 5,941 Views / 4 Likes

    Dakota James needs physical therapy asap. Her ass and legs hurt from a crazy workout and has no idea what to do to make her pain go away. Dakota calls her friend Alli Rae, asking for any help she could get. Alli proposes a bolster massage, a new technique

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-Show Me What You Do

    Fantasy Massage-Show Me What You Do

    by Admin Added 8,320 Views / 1 Likes

    Suzie... or is it Lucy that's been blabbing? Aidra has always been suspicious the whole time, but she challenges him to prove that he's not bringing his clients into their home and fucking them silly. She devises a way to catch him in a lie. She tells him

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-The Present

    Fantasy Massage-The Present

    by Admin Added 8,123 Views / 0 Likes

    Chloe Lynn wakes up ready for the day and to her surprise notices a paper beside her. The note was a certificate for a massage at Sapphic Bliss left by her loving boyfriend. Chloe was so thrilled to wake up to such a wonderful surprise. Walking into the d

  • Popular TrickySpa-So You're A Pornstar

    TrickySpa-So You're A Pornstar

    by Admin Added 4,767 Views / 0 Likes

    Eric Masterson is here and back for your entertainment. I have this hot blonde number coming in today and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. You see, my client today is the famous Dylan Phoenix, a trending pornstar I love to watch online. I can't

  • Popular Nuru Massage-Second Time Around

    Nuru Massage-Second Time Around

    by Admin Added 16.3k Views / 12 Likes

    Thinking he would give it another shot, Tommy Gunn returns to the Nuru Massage for a second time around. He is greeted today by his massage specialist Ariana Marie, and elaborates on how the previous massage wasn't exactly what he expected. Ariana assured

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-Officer Of Seduction

    Fantasy Massage-Officer Of Seduction

    by Admin Added 4,515 Views / 0 Likes

    Looking out for his business and colleague, Eric Masterson warns Jack Vegas about news reports he saw on television, undercover agents are going into Massage parlours, busting those who have shady tactics. Eric gives a description of the investigator bust

  • Popular AllgirlMassage-Best Client Yet

    AllgirlMassage-Best Client Yet

    by Admin Added 7,458 Views / 3 Likes

    Being new at the job, Remy Lacroix is extremely nervous as she is on her way to massage a very important client named Abigail Mac. Already late, Remy get's off the phone , runs into the house and to her surprise, Abigail is already waiting for her . Intro

  • Popular Nuru Massage-The Reason We Got Married

    Nuru Massage-The Reason We Got Married

    by Admin Added 12.7k Views / 8 Likes

    Feeling the pain from an after noon with the in laws, Vyxen Steel and Axel Aces head home wanting nothing more than to cuddle in bed together. Vyxen feels bad that her mother talks down to her husband Axel, so she wanted to make it up to him. The young co

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-Best Birthday Present

    Fantasy Massage-Best Birthday Present

    by Admin Added 4,658 Views / 0 Likes

    On his special day, John Strong waits patiently to get a happy birthday from his better half Dylan Phoenix before he goes to work. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and walks away quite disappointed. But what John didn't know is Dylan was playing a good g

  • Popular AllgirlMassage-The Columnist Client

    AllgirlMassage-The Columnist Client

    by Admin Added 6,436 Views / 3 Likes

    Journalist Penny Pax is welcomed by Selena Santana, the manager at the all-girl massage and both are excited for what is yet to come. Selena shows Penny the Tokyo Fantasy room which was Selena's favorite. Penny is charmed with the theme and decided this w

  • Popular Nuru Massage-Tutored by Teacher

    Nuru Massage-Tutored by Teacher

    by Admin Added 39.4k Views / 19 Likes

    Tyler Dixon is one lucky dude! Destiny Dixon, a hot smoking milf also Tyler's teacher tutors him on world history. Unfortunately, Destiny has other engagements that she must attend to but promises Tyler another tutor that is just as good as her. Destiny p

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-Office Body Rub

    Fantasy Massage-Office Body Rub

    by Admin Added 4,216 Views / 1 Likes

    Having a husband with no job and a complete loser sucks, especially in Gemma Jolie's case. Bored and in need to release some sexual tension that she so doesn't want from her 'better half', Gemma makes it obvious to her husband to take a hike. Once the coa

  • Popular TrickySpa-Caught Sneaking Chocolate

    TrickySpa-Caught Sneaking Chocolate

    by Admin Added 6,184 Views / 0 Likes

    Expecting to have a nice evening with his wife, Rob Piper gets some bad news that she had a meeting today and would be gone for a few hours. She promised Rob she would make it up to him with a romantic supper and a little more. Heading out the door, Rob's

  • Popular AllgirlMassage-Braless Is Better

    AllgirlMassage-Braless Is Better

    by Admin Added 5,906 Views / 1 Likes

    Jogging her way to a sexy and flawless body, Dillion Harper has a bump in the road and abruptly stops. It seems that her bra was too tight, causing poor circulation and intense pain in her chest. Dillion concerned about the pain, calls her good friend Sam

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-Help Me Catch My Husband

    Fantasy Massage-Help Me Catch My Husband

    by Admin Added 8,313 Views / 0 Likes

    Today Britney Amber is promoting her new bath and massage gel for television, but her real motive today is something way different then that. Wanting to take pictures of the view for her website, she notices someone standing in the corner. He introduces h

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-Help Me Get Rid Of Her

    Fantasy Massage-Help Me Get Rid Of Her

    by Admin Added 27.1k Views / 18 Likes

    Eric here with a story from hell. I call up my buddy Ryan McLane asking for help. The girl I'm dating, Cherry Morgan is killing me; telling me she loves me, wanting to move in together...I needed to get the hell out of this mess! And the best way this pla

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-Vegas Hold-up

    Fantasy Massage-Vegas Hold-up

    by Admin Added 4,576 Views / 4 Likes

    Myself and Tommy Gunn are relaxing and taking a moment discussing my experience as a masseur at the Tricky Spa. Tommy's never been to 'those' kind of massage places and wants in on the action. Tommy, not knowing how he can get in without being conspicuous

  • Popular Milking Table-Spicing It Up

    Milking Table-Spicing It Up

    by Admin Added 6,263 Views / 2 Likes

    David Loso came in today needed help with an injured back. David was moving stuff around the house and his back let go. Dava Foxx emphasizes with him, but does admit that her expertise are focused on erectile dysfunction. Dana being a professional is ther

  • Popular All Girl Massage-Grade A Rubdown

    All Girl Massage-Grade A Rubdown

    by Admin Added 4,643 Views / 4 Likes

    Bree Daniels shows up at the All Girl Massage parlor right on schedule. She is greeted by her masseuse Rilynn Rae, where she shows Bree where to change. Bree undresses from top to bottom. Rilynn asks Bree where she should focus on the most and Bree advoca

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-The Cuddle Bar

    Fantasy Massage-The Cuddle Bar

    by Admin Added 6,861 Views / 1 Likes

    Sometimes the best times, the most intimate times with a woman aren't even about the sex, they're about an even more primal physical connection - the simplest pleasure and warmth of skin touching skin. When John Strong wakes up in the morning, he reaches

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-Tie And Tease

    Fantasy Massage-Tie And Tease

    by Admin Added 6,923 Views / 5 Likes

    Will Powers swiftly prepares for a visit at home from a masseuse named Karmen Karma. She was very specific about how Will should rearrange his living room before her visit. When Karmen arrives, she sends Will to get undressed in the other room, while Karm

  • Popular Mom's Magic Massage

    Mom's Magic Massage

    by Admin Added 23.7k Views / 16 Likes

    To set up the perfect mothers days present, Abella spoke to her good friend Gracie, whose specialty is 'sensual massages'. They speak via text in the hope that Abella's step mom will take the bait and join her next week for this special mother's day prese

  • Popular Nuru Massage-Unexpected Nympho

    Nuru Massage-Unexpected Nympho

    by Admin Added 9,909 Views / 3 Likes

    Rob Piper heard from his buddies that the Nuru Spa was the best place to come and relax, Kimmy Lee confirms this news and has Rob follow her into the massage room for a bit of an explanation of her techniques. Kimmy starts taking off her robe, and undress

  • Popular Fantasy Massage –1-800-BodyRub

    Fantasy Massage –1-800-BodyRub

    by Admin Added 13k Views / 2 Likes

    Derrick is home today, his wife is in a rush and takes off for work. Derrick has been waiting for a week to get a day free where he can call the hotline his friend referred to him. Destiny Dixon shows up an hour later with some beautiful lingerie on, and