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  • Popular Spicy Latina Maid Gets Banged

    Spicy Latina Maid Gets Banged

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  • Popular Fetish Lesbians Worship Bare Feet And Sniff Socks

    Fetish Lesbians Worship Bare Feet And Sniff Socks

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    Two girls, four socks, four high heels, and a clear glass shoe-shaped bottle...what an unusual combo! That’s what we get in this new Full HD foot fetish video featuring brunette Alexa Tomas from Spain and redhead Aylin Diamond from Romania.First the

  • Popular The Hand That Strokes The Doodle

    The Hand That Strokes The Doodle

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    Latina babe milf Alexa Tomas is a live-in housekeeper currently employed at a beach house used by newlyweds on their honeymoon. She may not speak much English but she's still excellent at signaling just what she wants; in this case, it's Johnny's big, thr

  • Popular Sex Art-Cumpleanos Feliz

    Sex Art-Cumpleanos Feliz

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    In Alis Locanta’s 4K feature “Cumpleaños Feliz” the birthday girl — Julia Roca — is asleep in bed when her girlfriend — Alexa Tomas — returns home with a cake and candles. After lighting the candles Alexa t

  • Popular Going Deep With Alexa

    Going Deep With Alexa

    by Admin Added 13.5k Views / 7 Likes

    When Alexa Tomas orders a house-call massage from Danny D, she makes no bones about the fact that she's really buying an erotic rub-down. Firm, gentle caresses up every inch of her tight, fit body make her come alive, and her pussy wet and swollen and rea

  • Popular Sex Art-The Heat 3

    Sex Art-The Heat 3

    by Admin Added 3,964 Views / 1 Likes

    Synopsis: One of director Alis Locanta’s most recognizable stylistic signatures is the inclusion of a brief epilogue at the end of his erotic features. He does that in “The Heat 3,” but he also deviates from his established pattern by in

  • Popular La Puta Envidia

    La Puta Envidia

    by Admin Added 8,311 Views / 3 Likes

    Alexa's husband has been taking advantage of his red hot seniorita for too long, going behind her back to fuck his blonde coworker. She gets back at it him by having her wet pussy pounded by Keiran's hard cock while her good-for-nothing husband watches fr

  • Popular Alexa Tomas In Latin Adultery

    Alexa Tomas In Latin Adultery

    by Admin Added 7,858 Views / 5 Likes

    Joel's boss sends him to find his wife at home and finds her waiting on the bed in some sexy white lingerie, he quickly closes the door and tells his boss that his wife isn't home. After getting off the phone he walks into the room and finds out that Alex

  • Popular Sex Art-Possessione 2

    Sex Art-Possessione 2

    by Admin Added 2,997 Views / 2 Likes

    It's been nearly a year since Alis Locanta released "Possessione" and fans of the original are certain to be pleased with the sequel, "Possessione 2." Here the subject matter, the style, and even the leading man remain the same, but now Alexa Tomas takes

  • Popular Pure Mature-Natural Pleasure

    Pure Mature-Natural Pleasure

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  • Popular Fuck Products Inc

    Fuck Products Inc

    by Admin Added 21.6k Views / 11 Likes

    Danny might not understand a single word out of the traveling saleswoman who barged into his place, but he can tell all too well what a hot piece of ass this Spanish sex-bomb is. But even with no grasp on the English language, Alexa figured out how to gri

  • Popular Lively With Lust

    Lively With Lust

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    Love is beautiful, but lust is more entertaining. And more lively for onlookers, obviously! See what we mean as lovers Alexa Tomas and Joel Tomas share their clear affection for each other with a glass of wine, but then show the depth of their affection i

  • Popular Alexa Tomas in Ass Masterpiece

    Alexa Tomas in Ass Masterpiece

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    Alexa Tomas has that nice, bouncy butt and she's ready to take a cock in it.

  • Popular Ass Is Overflowing With Jizz From An Anal Creampie

    Ass Is Overflowing With Jizz From An Anal Creampie

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  • Popular Memento – First Act

    Memento – First Act

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    Two exquisitely beautiful and appealing actresses — Mango A and Alexa Tomas — star in Alis Locanta’s “Memento – First Act,” but mood, atmosphere, and a certain undefined ominous feeling all play prominent supporting rol

  • Popular CumLouder-Try my cock on!

    CumLouder-Try my cock on!

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  • Popular Seducing a Spanish Beauty

    Seducing a Spanish Beauty

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  • Popular Spanish Babe's Hot Sex Tape

    Spanish Babe's Hot Sex Tape

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    Latina Sex Tapes - Alexa Tomas - Spanish Babe's Hot Sex Tape

  • Popular The Carnal Clinic

    The Carnal Clinic

    by Admin Added 5,588 Views / 1 Likes

    Here’s a wild girl in a hot threesome that will meet your daily requirement of anal porn in a hardcore XXX video!Dr. Ryan Ryder comes onto his curvy Spanish nurse Alexa Tomas because her shape in the white uniform with her long brown hair tumbling d

  • Popular Trained to fuck

    Trained to fuck

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    CumLouder – Alexa Tomas

  • Popular First timers

    First timers

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    Alexa and Joel were visiting from Spain and saw a great deal on an apartment, so they went to check it out. When JJ saw Alexa's long legs and firm, fit, sexy body, he had to have a tape of her in his collection. He quickly made the offer to let them stay

  • Popular Overwhelmed by Gams

    Overwhelmed by Gams

    by Admin Added 3,649 Views / 1 Likes

    A photographer overwhelmed by the models in front of his lens: it’s a timeless and ever-popular subject for our DDF cameras to capture, and new face (and gams) Alexa Tomas from Spain and Kira Queen from the Russian Federation are the carnal culprits

  • Popular Fisting Session

    Fisting Session

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  • Popular Io Ballo Da Sola 2

    Io Ballo Da Sola 2

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    As Alis Locanta’s camera — in this case the 4K state of the digital art Red Camera MX — moves along a hallway we hear Alexis Tomas before we see her. Alone in her home she’s dancing and enthusiastically singing along with the music